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Facts about Birthstones

Facts about Birthstones

Gemstones have traditionally been associated with magical properties and there is a mention of these in Indian and Babylonian civilizations. Gemstones have traditionally been used in different cultures as birthstones (one assigned for each month), for warding of evil influence of planets and for their healing properties.

In the first century, Josephus, a Jewish general and historian, asserted that the twelve stones in the Aaron’s (elder brother of Moses and the first high priest of the Israelites) breastplate represented twelve months of the years and the twelve Zodiac signs.

Birthstone is a precious gemstone that represents each month of the Gregorian calendar and there are poems that mention the benefits of twelve different gemstones: one for each month. For example, garnet birthstone for those born in January, amethyst birthstone for February born and so on and so forth. One poem that is repeated thrice in the twelve poems goes like this;

By her who in March was born
No gem save Bloodstone shall be worn
They will ensure her constancy
True friendship and fidelity.

Birthstones, as a custom gained popularity in the fifteenth century in Poland where tradition suggested that everyone wear the birthstone for each month. That meant owning a set of twelve birthstones, one for each month since the powers of the gemstone increased during the month it was associated with.

Besides these traditional birthstones, there are also:

Modern birthstones: a list of standard birthstones that was officially adopted by the American association of jewelers in 1912.

Mystical birthstones: Gems of Tibetan origin mentioned in lists dating back centuries.

Ayurvedic birthstones: Gemstones listed as part of ancient Indian medicine and Vedic astrology.

Throughout its history, mankind has tried to associate magical properties with non-living objects and used them lucky charms and talismans. These have been viewed as ephemeral means of controlling the world and changing destiny.

The study of Vedic astrological gemstones, however, is considered to be a science, at least in the country of its origin. The theory goes like this. Just as the body and mind derive energy from the food that grows on the outer layer of the earth’s crust, the minerals in the layer beneath it nourish the vegetables and grains grown on the upper layer. Similarly, the molten rock in the earth's crust (magma) is concentrated with harmonizing ions. The intense pressure and heat is instrumental in passing on this energy to the crystals that form when the magma cools down in cracks in the earth's crust. Gemstones are these crystals that are later dug out from mines around the world.

Vedic astrological birthstones are not whimsical arrangement of gemstones and months or the Zodiac signs to serve as lucky objects. It is a practice of prescribing birthstones after considering the planetary conditions under which a person is born and those prevailing at the time of prescription. It is also based on the principle that whatever is outside is within you and whatever is within is also outside your body. This means that the water, air, fire, earth and cosmic energy that are outside are also within you. Even the strongest cynic will agree that:

The body comprises of 75% of water.
The fire is the body temperature that must be maintained.
Air is needed every moment of life.
And earth is needed to survive as it provides foods and nutrients.

Vedic astrological gemstones are prescribed according to the physics of nature and the chemistry of earth. Gemstones work on the mind and body just as Vitamin D is provided by the sun’s rays or the way music soothes tense nerves. Just as a knife, a dangerous weapon, turns into a life saving tool in the hands of a surgeon, gemstones prescribed according to the Vedic principles have a soothing affect on your mind and body.

So next time you want to wear a birthstone, analyse which faith you believe in more and select your bithstones accordingly. For a list of birthstones or detailed study of gemstones do visit http://www.gehnabazaar.com/gemstones.html

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