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Ideas to promote your jewelry business

Ideas to promote your jewelry business

Advertising is extremely important for all businesses, irrespective of whether they are local small stores or whether they are part of large business units operating at a national or international level. Effective advertising creates awareness and maintains a positive image of the store. While you may spend your millions on the media side of a campaign, the effectiveness of the campaign depends on the idea and the content.

It is also pertinent to mention here that the effectiveness of a campaign does not only depend upon the amount of money that you pump in the advertising campaign. The content, presentation and the communication are equally important. In fact, if the content or the idea behind the campaign is great, one probably needs to spend a lower amount of money on the media itself to get the desired outcome.

Though there are large advertising agencies that will help promote large multinational companies, there are enough initiatives that a smaller enterprise can also take.

One such local initiative is that of giving away gifts to those who purchase or visit your outlet. Even though it is a fairly simple activity, many business units fail to take advantage of this opportunity. Irrespective of whether the gift is branded or not, it leaves an indelible mark on the customer. No customer is likely to forget an outlet where she was given special status. Since personal rapport and trust are key drivers in the jewelry business, such a personal gesture can go a long way.

Note that the gifts that you give away do not need to be expensive ones. The monetary value of the gift is not important. What is important is the fact that you are giving away something and it is the act of giving that really counts. You can buy various items in bulk and then decide to give them away to various categories or classifications of customers. You can classify your customers on the basis of first time visit versus repeat visit, potential customer or one who actually purchased something and low value item purchaser versus those that make high value purchases.

Some of the gifts that can help you make up your own customized list are:

- Key chains (with just your logo and not the name) of different kinds can be used easily as giveaways. Make sure that you do not have your company name plastered in bold capital letters. In fact avoid the name and retain just the logo. You want the people to use the gift and not advertise your product. Gifts with big brand names printed, usually sits in the junk yard or their cupboard.

- Caps, soft toys, playing ball and the like are also good gifts that you can give. These gifts go down extremely well with the customers since they can keep their children busy while they browse through the various offerings that you have on display without being disturbed. It is okay to print the name of your store on such items since the kids are not likely to mind the name as long as they have a great game or toy to play with.

- A lovely jewelry box or cloth pouch to store jewelry is another relevant gift to give. Remember that bulky boxes are not appreciated these days and small fancy storage ideas are considered a much better option. If you have to, then make sure that the boxes that you use are designed well. The uniqueness of the boxes will make the customers want to retain the boxes for posterity. And the customer will feel special too.

- An inexpensive line of jewelry like a small pendent or ring (from your own store) is a good idea for those who purchase high value items. The customer is most likely to wear them and then tell others about where they got it from. Flaunting free gifts is quite the 'in' thing since it positions the customer as a valued customer that is valued by the store. This word of mouth advertising is probably the best outcome of these small gifts and there is no way in which you will be able to beat this word of mouth advertisement.

- A good letter pad with your water mark logo, which they'll always keep on their desk, may be a good reminder for the men folk to get their wives to that particular store every time a new item needs to be purchased.

Most traditional jewelry businesses have made their monies based on trust and personal relationships. For some reason, even though the jewelry business has become more corporate, the essential personal touch and faith remain key drivers in success. Though it is far easier for the local businesses to embrace this promotional suggestion, those that cater to non-local clients can also adopt this strategy. All customers, where local or not, would be thrilled to receive a token of appreciation from the store that they shop in.

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